Industry Warning: Coolifting Beauty Gun Fakes & Details

Coolifting is a worldwide brand, and like many popular brands, cheap Chinese knocks-off have entered the market and are hurting patients.

A Coolifting knockoff can be found from China, is it the same?

No, it is a counterfeit unit that is not safe, not tested, and not approved for professional use. The counterfeit units are built using non-compliant parts and do not meet safety standards. These units have known faults, are dangerous and have injured many people around the world, from gas units exploding to electrocution of the user. The Chinese sellers of the units are not manufacturers, they are salespeople selling faulty counterfeit machines. All clinics that use counterfeit machines have not been covered by insurance when damages were done to a staff member and/or client.

Short Answer: 

The Frozen Skin unit is not allowed to be professionally used in Australia, it is dangerous and is not a viable option. 


Can I use Frozen Skin consumables in my Coolifting beauty gun?

No, using non-compliant consumables voids all warranties for your Coolifting unit. You are also knowingly endangering a client by using counterfeit non-certified medical equipment. We take public safety very seriously, if a claim is made and a business has been caught using counterfeit products, we forward a report to relevant industry authorities for investigation. Whilst the packaging may look similar, even going as far as to copy the logo, the ingredients and chemicals used in the consumables are very different and are not comparable.

Short Answer:

No, you will void all warranties and endanger clients and staff. 

Coolifting Australia
Coolifting Australia


The proprietary unit that is safe to use in clinics

Made in Spain

Meets Australian TGA Standards

Owns the original CE certification

Comes with Australian Consumer Protection

12 month warranty guaranteed by law

Complies with Australian Insurance provider policies and can be insured

A professional, quality-controlled product.



This unit is certified, quality-controlled and has been used by thousands of clinics around the world. It is safe to use professionally in most countries.

Frozen Skin

An illegal knock off that has injured people Made in China Does not meet Australian TGA standards Attempts to copy the Coolifting CE certification No Australian Consumer Protection No warranty guaranteed or enforcable by law Australian Insurance companies do not cover illegal counterfeit machines A cheap copy made in unknown conditions.


The fake unit has had serious faults in Australia, with reports of gas cartridges exploding. It can’t be used professionally in Australia or most other countries.
Coolifting Australia
Coolifting Australia

How is the Coolifting Beauty Gun Priced?

The CooLifting beauty gun has an RRP of $4999 AUD, subject to exchange rates, importation tariffs and 3rd party costs. It is to the discretion of the distributor to set the final price of the Coolifting Beauty Gun for their local market.